Special Guest Lectures by Alumni

Tae-Yeon Hwang, Director, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center, Yongin Mental Hospital, Seoul, Korea
May 9, 2001: Overview of Mental Health in Western Pacific Region: it's progress and constraints

Scott Clark: Area Director of MH, South Western Sydney Area Health Service, Sydney, Australia.
July 11, 2001: The Mental Health System in New South Wales, Australia

John Bischof: Director of Psychiatric Services, Unity Inc., Portland Oregon
November 29, 2001: Medicaid Managed Behavioral Health Services in Portland Oregon

Sam Law: Clinical Director, Mount Sinai Hospital ACT  Team, Toronto,  Ontario, Canada
July 15, 2003: Ethno-Raciat- Specific ACT Team for Metropolitan Toronto, Challenges and Opportunities

Picture of Sarah Flanders

Sarah Flanders, Chairperson and Med Dir, Dept of Psychiatry, Mercy Providence Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA
October 16, 2003: Running a Department of Psychiatry in a Small Community Hospital


Uzma Ambareen, Clinical Director, The Mental Health Clinic, Karachi, Pakistan
May 6, 2004: Practicing Psychiatry in Pakistan, 1998 - 2004