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A series of year-long didactic seminars provide a systemic framework to the knowledge base necessary to work in the public sector:

The Academic Seminar is a comprehensive overview of major topics in public psychiatry, taught by the core faculty and guest speakers. The topics include: the structure of public psychiatry in the United States, model service programs for adults with severe mental illness, capitation and other managed care models, and service to special populations (ethnic minorities, women, substance abusers, people with AIDS, mentally ill homeless, trauma victims).

The Organizational Practicum provides an overview of management methods and strategies for public psychiatry, including program evaluation, fiscal and regulatory issues, supplemented by management case presentations by fellowship alumni. In addition, guest speakers and monthly field trips provide the Fellows with current information about model service agencies operating in the NY metropolitan area.

In the Applied Seminar, Fellows use the above information to organize and present their clinical, management, fiscal and program evaluations efforts at their training sites.

The Fellowship is committed to an on-going evaluation of its curriculum. Throughout the year Fellows are given a written instrument asking their evaluation of each of the various components of the Fellowship curriculum. The results are then discussed by Fellows and faculty as a group and used as a basis for curriculum development and revision.

Further Information is available about each of following:

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Field Placements
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