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Fellows spend three days a week in one field placement site throughout the entire year.  In many cases, that placement becomes the fellow's job at the end of the fellowship year.  

Field placement sites are carefully selected to provide in-depth knowledge of how a particular mental health service works, and how the psychiatrist as clinician/manager contributes to its effort.

The Fellowship has developed a list of community mental health agencies from which Fellows select a training site, and Fellows with special interest can also choose alternative sites. In conjunction with a supervisor, who is a responsible professional inside the training site, each Fellow negotiates a contract to perform certain duties. The duties usually include participation on a clinical team and a combination of direct patient care, supervisory consultation, administration and program evaluation. Through direct patient care Fellows have an opportunity to master the clinical skills specially required by public psychiatrists. Through supervisory consultation and management experience, Fellows have the opportunity to develop themselves as leaders in a team-based clinical setting.

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